Spill Kits

spillkitWelding Shelters Emergency response maintenance spill kits enabling you to handle and clean up non-corrosive liquids, hydrocarbons, solvents and other aqueous and organic liquids. Kits come in sizes for dealing with oil spills from 5 litres to 1,225 litres. Please talk to our sales team for more information.

Spill Kit Categories:

Oil – Captures all hydrocarbons & repels water (Recommended for out door use)
Maintenance – Covers all liquids, including water, chemicals & oils
Chemical – Covers all liquids, including water, chemicals & oils, Yellow for easy identification of hazardous substances.

Product Code Description For Refill Pack
904-000024 Spill Kit 15 (without Dammit & PPE) Oil 904-000036
904-000025 Spill Kit 15 (without Dammit & PPE) Chemical 904-000037
904-000026 Spill Kit 15 (without Dammit & PPE) Maintenance 904-000038
904-000027 Spill Kit 50 Oil 904-000039
904-000028 Spill Kit 50 Chemical 904-000040
904-000029 Spill Kit 50 Maintenance 904-000041
904-000030 Spill Kit 120 Oil 904-000042
904-000031 Spill Kit 120 Chemical 904-000043
904-000032 Spill Kit 120 Maintenance 904-000044
904-000033 Spill Kit 240 Oil 904-000045
904-000034 Spill Kit 240 Chemical 904-000046
904-000035 Spill Kit 240 Maintenance 904-000047

Plant Nappy

Plant Nappy is a secondary containment catchment tray for the containment of leaks and spills from equipment on construction sites. The tray allows the water to pass through the sides whilst retaining and absorbing oil to prevent the tray overflowing and oil escaping.

Product Code Description Size Absorbency Liner code
904-000048 Small Plant Nappy 50×68.5cm 2.3l 904-000051
904-000049 Medium Plant Nappy 100×68.5cm 4.5l 904-000052
904-000050 Large Plant Nappy 200x137cm 18l 904-000053



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