BDI – Bead Diagnostic Instrument

The BDI (Bead Diagnostic Instrument) is a unique onsite tool that gives you a clear and quick result on the quality of your butt fusion welds without the need for destructive testing.

The BDI has been developed to provide the installer with the ability to both easily remove butt fusion joint beads and subsequently test them in a repeatable and consistent manner. BDI is the first tool to provide a reliable and simple non-destructive test (NDT) for PE butt fusion joints.

Unlike the industry recognised bend back test, which is difficult to execute on larger sizes and can only test the bead at intervals along its length, the BDI tests up to 95% of the bead. This delivers a controlled and recorded test which can be replicated easily and consistently on site.

Reasons to adopt BDI on your pipelines:

• BDI can be fully integrated into the butt fusion welding process or stand alone – it’s up to you
• It is simple to use
• Up to 95% of the bead length is tested
• Bead and split length are recorded
• Immediate test results are available after every weld
• All results are captured and documented in real time on a secure server
• Failed joint alerts can be sent to supervisors


bdi iphone Joint Manager BDI - Fail


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