Manual Positioning Clamps


Manual Positioning Kit

AlignMaster Manual Positioning Clamps (280, 315, 355, 400)

Manual Positioning Clamps are for positioning and restraining medium size pipe work throughout the electrofusion jointing process. These clamps are for use in-line or angled joints with the correct base unit and bars

Product Code Description
089-000551 315mm Manual Positioning Kit
089-000552 355mm Manual Positioning Kit
089-000553 400mm Manual Positioning Kit
604-000029 400-355mm Set of Reducing Shells (2 pieces)
300-000221 400-315mm Set of Reducing Shells (2 pieces)
300-000222 315-280mm Set of Reducing Shells (2 pieces)

Manual Positioning Kit

Strap-type Manual Positioning Clamp (63 -500mm)

For positioning and supporting PE pipes and equal or reduced outlet couplers, bends, elbows, 3 way ‘T’ fittings throughout the electrofusion process.

Product Code Description
089-000580 500mm Positioning Clamp, 2 way, straight base
089-000581 500mm Positioning Clamp, 2 way, angle maker base
089-0005823 way adaptor kit for either of the 2 way clamps above

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