Drawlock Tooling

Drawlock Tooling
Hy-Ram is an ‘official’ stockist and distributor for the GF Drawlock range of tools and equipment needed to install the ever popular Drawlock range of Gas pipe fittings.

Product Code Description
A 106-000028 Drawlock Tool Complete Kit 16-32mm (13 piece)
106-000041 Drawlock Tool Complete Kit 20-32mm (12 piece)
B 104-000001 16mm Drawlock Tool c/w Expander
B 104-000002 20mm Drawlock Tool c/w Expander
B 104-000003 25mm Drawlock Tool c/w Expander
B 104-000004 32mm Drawlock Tool c/w Expander
B 104-000018 40mm Drawlock Tool c/w Expander
B 104-000019 50mm Drawlock Tool c/w Expander
B 104-000020 63mm Drawlock Tool c/w Expander
C 104-000013 16mm Drawlock Expander
C 104-000014 20mm Drawlock Expander
C 104-000011 25mm Drawlock Expander
C 104-000012 32mm Drawlock Expander
C 104-000021 40mm Drawlock Expander
C 104-000022 50mm Drawlock Expander
C 104-000023 63mm Drawlock Expander
D 657-000049 3/4″ Cap (Spare)
D 657-000050 1″ Cap Spare
D 657-000051 2″ Cap Spare
E 030-000041 16mm Drawlock Adaptor Bush
E 030-000038 20mm Drawlock Adaptor Bush
E 030-000039 25mm Drawlock Adaptor Bush
E 030-000040 32mm Drawlock Adaptor Bush
F 104-000008 Combination tools c/w 3/4″ cap
F 104-000009 Combination tools c/w 1″ cap
G 104-000015 Combination Tool Stem
H 014-000012 Drawlock 16mm Stem
H 014-000009 Drawlock 20/25/32mm Stem
H 014-000010 Drawlock 40/50/63mm Stem

Drawlock Tooling

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