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MSA Breathing Apparatus

MSA Turbo-Flo Fresh Air Hose Breathing Apparatus Hy-Ram is a Premier Distributor for the MSA range of breathing apparatus. The Turbo-Flo fresh air hose breathing apparatus is an isolating respiratory protection apparatus which can be put to use where conditions permit to draw air from a hazard-free atmosphere.
Turbo-Flo can be used as unassisted or as assisted fresh air breathing apparatus. Since the air supply is practically unlimited, the user can work without time restrictions.

The Turbo-Flo fresh air hose breathing apparatus is tested and approved according to EN 138 as assisted and unassisted fresh air breathing apparatus.

Turbo-Flo consists of a belt connector which is firmly fixed to the waist belt. This is worn on the back. At the belt connector is the air supply hose which is connected to the twin breathing hose. The twin breathing hose is positioned along the back and over the shoulders and thus allows the user greatest freedom of movement.

It contains a pressure relief valve and a standard thread connector according to EN 148-1.The mask is the world renowned full face mask 3S, (as shown above with the kit)

When used as unassisted fresh air hose breathing apparatus, the breathable air is drawn by lung power through an air supply hose of 9 m or 18 m long. At the hose end a filter is attached to prevent foreign objects, e.g. stones into the hose. The hose end is fixed with a spike.

MSA Breathing Apparatus
New Advantage 3000 Face Mask

The new Advantage 3000 mask is one of the easiest-to-use masks on the market. It solves all previous comfort issues and is easy to maintain. All components can be replaced without tools in a matter of seconds.

The Advantage 3000 is incredibly quick to put on and simple to handle. Even people with facial hair can benefit from better protection with the Advantage 3000 because the new patented Advantage head harness guarantees a perfect piece-to-face fit.
Apart from functional efficiency MSA have also paid special attention to appearance with a new narrow design.

A large, optically corrected eye glass ensures clear, undistorted vision, while the grey-blue colour gives the mask an aesthetic appearance.

Product code Description Mask Metal Storage Box
006-000030 Fresh Air Breathing Apparatus 3S Yes
006-000059 Fresh Air Breathing Apparatus 3S No
006-000060 Fresh Air Breathing Apparatus Advantage 3000 Yes
006-000061 Fresh Air Breathing Apparatus Advantage 3000 No
045-000161 Spare Metal Storage Case n/a Yes
006-000049 Turbo Flo Blower Unit 110v AC n/a No

Martindale Breathing Apparatus

Hy-Ram is an approved distributor for the Martindale range of breathing apparatus.

The Martindale (negative pressure) unassisted Fresh Air System is a simple respiratory protective system for use in “Confined spaces”.

The simplicity and ease of use of the system allows operators to work safely in potentially oxygen deficient hazardous areas, breathing air from an uncontaminated source. The Martindale (positive pressure) assisted Fresh Air System combines all the features of the unassisted system but with the added benefit of having clean air supplied from an uncontaminated source by an electrically driven air moving turbine system.
Classification – EN 138 Class 2, Mask – EN 136, Class 3.

Martindale Breathing Apparatus• New Improved Full Face Mask
• EN 136:1998 Class 3* protection
• Silicone face seal for greater comfort and seal integrity
• Low level viewing area for optimum visibility
• Adjustable, robust neck strap
• Quick release 5 point head harness for maximum security
• Designed for easy servicing and cleaning
• Modern, rugged and strong construction
• Polycarbonate scratch resistant and solvent proof visor, offering good impact resistance
• One size fits all!
• Optional frame for mounting of personal prescription spectacles fully compatible with old kit codes

* all the features of class 2 but with increased resistance to thermal radiation

Martindale Breathing Apparatus

The Unpowered system M26/400 consists of:

  • Full Face Mask (Silicone) and Twin Air Hose (without overflow valve assembly)
  • Belt with Hose Connector (complete with comfort pad)
  • Strainer and Anchor Pin assembly
  • 9 Metre Hose assembly (25mm diameter)
  • Storage case (heavy duty polyprop)
  • Spare cleaning wipe
  • Instructions for use
  • Record card

The Powered system M26/500 consists of:

  • Full Face Mask (Silicone) and Twin Air Hose (with overflow valve assembly) M26FFM/5
  • Belt with Hose Connector (complete with comfort pad) M26/003P
  • 10 Metre Hose assembly (25mm diameter) M26/10
  • Mini Turbine 110V a.c M26LWT110
  • Storage case (heavy duty polyprop) M26/004
  • Spare cleaning wipe M08MW
  • Instructions for use
  • Record card
Product code Description Version Turbine Included
006-000056 Martindale Fresh Air Breathing Apparatus M26/400 Unpowered No
006-000057 Martindale Fresh Air Breathing Apparatus M26/450 Powered No
006-000058 Martindale Fresh Air Breathing Apparatus M26/500 Powered Yes

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