Pipe Bending / Vices / Threading / Stands

Hilmor GLM Pipe Bender

• Solid lug allows the pipe bender to be held firmly between vice jaws
• The design of the GLM with a straight arm makes it the strongest machine available
• Heavy duty formers will not lose their shape. Formers supported on both sides so they will not twist under heavy loading
• Flat edges to the bracket arm also allow the GLM to be used in workshop vice for convenient bending
• Formers and guides are made from aluminium and the handles are tubular steel making the GLM light and portable
• Durable, hard wearing steel rollers – last much longer than aluminium
• Maximum Capacity: Copper 22 mm stainless steel 15 mm. It can also bend 12, 15, 18mm copper and is also available with imperial tooling

Product Code Description

Pipe Bending

Portable Pipe Stands

Tripod Stand Hy-Ram offers a professional pipe fitters stand. With wide angle folding legs for exceptional stability, complete with ceiling brace, bending holes of 3/8″, 1/2″ & 3/4″ steel pipes and a durable aluminium top plate. Will accept 2″ Hinged Yoke Vice and all chain vices.

Product Code Description
089-000413 Tripod Stand

Portable Pipe Stands

Tripod Vice Stand

Professional pipe-fitter work stand with built in 6″ quick release chain vice, has lever action to tighten and release the chain. The stand has wide angle folding legs for exceptional stability, ceiling brace, and bending holes for 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″ steel pipe.

Product Code Description
089-000414 Tripod Vice Stand

Pipe Vices

Hy-Ram offers a range of pipe vices to suit pipes up to 6″ in diameter. All chain vices and the 2″ hinged yoke vice can be fitted to a portable work stand.

Product Code Description
089-000404 1/8” – 2” Hinged yoke vice
089-000405 1/8” – 3” Hinged yoke vice
089-000406 1/8” – 4” Hinged yoke vice
089-000407 2 ½” Quick release chain vice
089-000408 4” Quick release chain vice
089-000409 6” Quick release chain vice
089-000410 2 ½” Bottom screw chain vice
089-000411 4” Bottom screw chain vice
089-000412 6” Bottom screw chain vice

Pipe Vices

Pipe Threaders

Rothenberger Supertronic 2000 High performance threading with versatile applications without a vice.
15-25 RPM threading with 60 RPM geared reverse. All sets supplied with a robust carrying case. Threads 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″, 2″.

For Spare Dies please contact our Sales Office!

Product Code Description

Pipe Threaders

Rems Amigo 2 Portable Power Threader

Electric die stock with quick-change die heads. Powerful, easy-to-operate electric tool for threading with unique, patented support bracket. Ready for use anywhere, without vice. Pipe threads 1/8-2″, 16?50 mm. Bolt threads 6-30 mm, 1/4-1″. REMS Amigo 2 – extremely strong up to 2″.

For Spare Dies please contact our Sales Office!

Product Code Description
117-000227 Rems Amigo 2 Pipe threader

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