Wire Brush Pull Through

Wire Brush Pull Through
For use in metallic pipes, Wire Brush Pigs remove loose debris.

Available for all pipe sizes from 3″ to 12″ they can be used after pulling through a drag scraper to remove any loosened deposits.

Product Code Description
654-000072 3″ Wire Brush Pig
654-000014 4″ Wire Brush Pig
654-000073 5″ Wire Brush Pig
654-000074 6″ Wire Brush Pig
654-000075 7″ Wire Brush Pig
654-000076 8″ Wire Brush Pig
654-000077 9″ Wire Brush Pig
654-000078 10″ Wire Brush Pig
654-000079 12″ Wire Brush Pig

Wire Brush Pull Through

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