Copper Tube Cutters


Copper Tube Cutters Pipe Slice

Single action copper tube cutter for use in tight locations.

Product Code Pipe Size Description Spare Wheel Product Code
117-000104 15mm Copper Pipe Slice 117-000165
117-000105 22mm Copper Pipe Slice 117-000165
117-000192 28mm Copper Pipe Slice 117-000165

Copper Tube Cutters

Traditional Type Cutters

Hy-Ram offers a wide range of cutters for use on copper pipes. Facilitates fast precision cutting of all copper pipes.

Product Code Pipe Size Range Description Spare Wheel Product Code
A 117-000228 3-22mm Mini Cut 2000 041-000066
B 117-000156 3-28mm Minimax Tube Cutter 041-000066
C 117-000229 3-30mm Traditional Design Cutter 041-000066
D 117-000230 6-35mm Heavy Duty Telescopic 041-000066
D 117-000231 6-42mm Heavy Duty Telescopic 041-000066
E 117-000166 6-67mm Spring Loaded Cutter 041-000066

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