Hy-Ram Service Saddles

The Hy-Ram Service Saddle has an integral rotating Valve Plate operated by the ‘open/close’ Spindle. The Saddle is used where the requirement is for an easily installed, quickly executed underpressure connection in conjunction with the Hy-Ram Junior range of drilling machines for a variety of underpressure applications on metallic or plastic pipes, refer to the table for outside diameter tolerances.The Saddle is manufactured using WRAS approved materials and coatings and has a 1 ½ ” BSP outlet port. The bore accepts up to a 34mm diameter Holesaw Cutter to pass through. The Universal Service Saddle should be purchased with the correct Pipe Strap to suit the outside diameter of the pipe (please refer to the table), the Service Saddle for PE Pipe comes complete with a solid undercarriage.Pipe Straps are supplied together with the necessary Seal (located between Saddle Body and Pipe).



Universal Service Saddle for Metallic Pipe

Valve Body Product Code Nominal Bore Pipe OD Range
Pipe Straps 080-000237 N/A N/A
080-000238 3” / DN80 93 – 103mm
080-000239 4” / DN100 114 – 122mm
080-000240 5” / DN125 140 – 150mm
080-000241 6” / DN150 166 – 176mm
080-000257 7“ / DN175 193 – 208mm
080-000242 8” / DN200 218 – 228mm
080-000258 9“ / DN225 244 – 262mm
080-000243 10” / DN250 270 – 280mm
080-000244 12” / DN300 322 – 332mm

Service Saddle for PE Pipe

Description Product Code PE Pipe OD
Valve Body c/w Solid Undercarriage 080-000268 63mm
080-000269 75mm
080-000270 90mm
080-000271 110mm
080-000272 125mm
080-000273 140mm
080-000274 160mm
080-000275 180mm
080-000276 200mm
080-000277 225mm

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