Flow Probe Nipple Assemblies (Quadrina)

A range of nipples and plugs are available from stock up to 2″ BSP – with full-bore (50mm diameter) clearance. Inserted directly into the main with the Hy-Ram Universal Drilling Machine or used in conjunction with a Drilling Saddle and the Hy-Ram Junior range of Drilling Machines.

Used with a Gate Valve, the system facilitates Flow Probe insertion into a ‘live’ main.


Product Code Description
656-000017 1″ Quadrina Plug
300-000053 1″ Quadrina Nipple
363-000003 1″ Quadrina Gate Valve
300-000067 1″ Quadrina Gate Valve Bushes
656-000087 1″ Quadrina Headworks Cap
270-000007 ½”-1″ Pass Ferrule Key
656-000013 2″ Quadrina Plug
300-000047 2″ Quadrina Nipple
363-000004 2″ Quadrina Gate Valve
656-000086 2″ Quadrina Headworks Cap
270-000008 1½”-2″ Pass Ferrule Key
656-000080 2″ Full-bore MKII (2½”) Quadrina Plug
300-000126 2″ Full-bore MKII (2½”) Quadrina Nipple
363-000019 2″ Full-bore (2½”) Quadrina Gate Valve
656-000081 2″ MKII Full Bore Quadrina Headworks Cap
656-000090 2 1/2″ Gunmetal x 1″ Bush
656-000091 1″ BSP Plug
270-000008 1½”-2″ Pass Ferrule Key



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