Sandwich Valve (MKI, MKII & MKIII)



The Identified Uses

  • Fitted under a Fire Hydrant or Air Valve to facilitate cleaning, changing and removal underpressure, without shutdown. This minimises disruption and potential contamination
  • Normally open ’in line’ shut off valve
  • Underpressure drilling (holesaw up to 67mm diameter) through any Underpressure Tee having DN80 flanged outlet
  • As an access point into the main for insertion of:
    • Leak Detection Equipment
    • Hydraphone
    • Fibrescope / CCTV
    • Probe Insertion Point
    • Flow Meter
    • Chlorination Point, etc

The Benefits

  • Can be installed in a variety of situations in order to minimise future shutdowns
  • Simple and quick to install
  • Excellent for use in tight access trenches where other services may be causing an obstruction
  • Face to face dimension of only 36mm compared to 203mm for a traditional
  • BS:5163 R.S. Gate Valve
  • Requires minimal excavation when used in conjunction with an Underpressure Tee and Drilling Machine
  • Due to competitive pricing, more valves can be afforded within the network, giving greater flexibility and better control

Application / Specification

  • All materials and coatings are WRAS approved
Product Code Description
379-000037 80mm / 3″ Sandwich Valve MK1
379-000038 80mm / 3″ Sandwich Valve Mk1 c/w M16x65 Cap Head Bolt Set (3no.)
379-000061 80mm / 3″ Sandwich Valve MKII c/w nuts, washers & gaskets
645-000177 Valve Plate (S’wich)
603-000003 Lever
250-000020 M16x65 Cap Head Bolt Set (3no.)
379-000071 Sandwich Valve MKIII Thru Bore c/w studs, nuts & gaskets
645-000242 Valve Plate to Suit MKIII Thru Bore Sandwich Valve

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