Large Diameter Towing Heads

Large Diameter Towing Heads
Large Diameter Towing Heads are available from 400mm up to 630mm.However above 400mm the following needs to be considered…• Towing heads are Diameter and SDR specific
• Large Diameter SDR21 & 26 have special gripping requirements and use an external sleeve
• Pipe ovality becomes more of an issue
• Type of work being carried out becomes more important. Different applications have different requirements

We would be happy to talk to you about your requirements but we would need to know;

• Size, SDR and specification of the proposed pipe
• Length to be pulled in
• Size of rig to be used
• Will the pipe be ballasted?
• Does the pipe need to be sealed against bentonite/ground water?

Please contact our Sales Office to discuss your needs further.

Large Diameter Towing Heads

Large Diameter Towing Heads

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