Hy-Ram Compact 4

Compact, lightweight hand operated Underpressure Branch Drilling Machine for ‘live’ drilling into Water and Gas lines.

The C4 drills through a gate valve and is supplied as standard with 2 x ‘screw-on’ Flanges to suit 80 and 100 NP16 Flanged Valves.

Cutters are available for both metallic and plastic pipes.

Hy-Ram Compact 4
Description Application Cutter Sizes Flange Sizes
Hy-Ram C4 Drilling Machine Water or Gas Pipes (specify which option when ordering) – Makes up to 4″ Branch connections (Up to 83mm diameter hole 70 & 83mm 80 & 100mm
130-000065 Compact 4 Complete Kit
Kit includes:
A Compact 4 Drilling Machine
B 310-000014 100mm Flange
C 310-000012 80mm Flange
D 711-000013 Ratchet Spanner
E 643-000150 Spindle & Cutter Drive
F 045-000055 Steel Box
G 643-000053 Ratchet Spanner Extension
H 023-000041 1/2″ Tommy Bar
I 270-000054 Allen Key 5mm
J 270-000053 Allen Key 3mm
K 130-000197 10mm Pilot Drill

Holesaw Cutters & Pilot Drills

Product Code Description
130-000197 10mm Dia. Pilot Drill – C4
117-000032 70mm Holesaw Cutter
117-000033 83mm Holesaw Cutter
117-000099 70mm Carbide Tipped H/Saw Cutter
117-000100 83mm Carbide Tipped H/Saw Cutter
130-000045 6mm Pilot Drill
130-000197 10mm Pilot Drill
130-000199 Coupon Retaining Pilot Drill – C4

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