Stop Tap Keys

Stop Tap Keys
All items featured come with a T handle. Images show base of key.

Product Code Description
A 270-000039 Two Prong Stop Tap Key
B 270-000015 Four Prong Stop Tap Key
C 270-000019 Crutch Type Stop Tap Key
D 270-000044 Stop Tap key – Heavy Plug Cock Key Large
E 270-000120 Spherical Valve Key c/w Edge up handle & Dimple
F 270-000041 Stop Tap Key ½” Square Drive Female
G 270-000043 Stop Tap Key 1″ Square Drive Female
H 270-000095 1/2″ Sq Drive Male Tee Key
I 270-000126 Teeside Pattern Ferrule Key 3/8″ Male
J 270-000127 Teeside Pattern Ferrule Key 3/8″ Female
K 270-000021 Broken Stop Tap Key Cam Type
L 270-000022 Broken Stop Tap Key Claw Type
Claw Key Separate Items (Use in conjunction with H)
M 270-000088 Standard Claw1/2″ Female Square drive
N 270-000136 Heavy Duty Claw Key x 1/2″ Square Drive Female
O 270-000168 Adjusting foot c/w 1/2″ Square drive adaptor

Stop Tap Keys

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