Hydrant Caps & Fittings

Hydrant Caps & Fittings
Facilitates blanking off hydrants or utilising the outlet as a test point.

Product Code Description
A 656-000083 2 1/2″ Hydrant Blanking Caps
B 656-000082 2 1/2″ Hydrant Blanking Caps D/T 3/4″ BSP Female
C 656-000089 2 1/2″ Hydrant Blanking Caps D/T 1″ BSP Female
D 656-000076 2 1/2″ Hydrant Blanking Caps D/T 2″ BSP Female
E 643-000117 Hydrant Cap x QC c/w Recoil Hose, Blue Powder Coated
F 643-000128 Hydrant Cap, c/w QF coupling, Blue WRC app. powder Coat
G 643-000129 Rocoil hose, c/w QF fitting
H 270-000085 Gunmetal b/b plug c/w recoil hose and pressure guage
I/J 168-000110 2 1/2″ Standpipe Outlet Washers (White)
I/J 168-000111 2 1/2″ Standpipe Base Washers (Black)

Hydrant Caps & Fittings

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