Service Drilling

DrillMaster Service 1

Service Connections

Facilitates underpressure drilling on service type fittings, especially useful where service connections are made through saddle straps, clamps and welded nipples where inserting directly into the main is not possible.

Key features

  • Robust
  • Cost effective
  • Connections via saddle or bossed clamp
  • 3/4″ & 1″ BSP Connections
  • 19mm & 24mm cutting options
  • Option to convert to powered drill (removing the need for manual ratcheting)
Product Code Description
DMS1 Drilling Machine
130-000165DMS1 Drilling Machine Kit
Kit Includes
DMS1 Drilling Machine
661-000052DMS1 Holesaw Spindle
300-00000410.5mm Plug Inserter
300-0000058.00mm Plug Inserter
711-000007Ratchet Spanner
300-0000011” Ferrule Adaptor
300-000002¾” Ferrule Adaptor
363-0000031 ¼” BSP Gate Valve (c/w 2 x 1” bushes)
045-000057Black Carrying Case 20” Auto Latch
117-000058Holesaw Cutter 19mm (½” BSP)
117-000020Holesaw Cutter 24mm (¾” BSP)
640-000055DMS1 Drill Body Spacer
(for use with EBCO Gunmetal Self Tapping Ferrule Straps)
130-000169¾” AC Cutter
130-0001681” AC Cutter
130-000166¾” PVC Cutter
130-0001671” PVC Cutter
080-00003714” Saddle

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