Hydraulic Restraining Clamp

AlignMaster Hydraulic Positioning Kit

Hydraulically powered re-rounding and positioning units for supporting and restraining large diameter pipes and couplers throughout the electrofusion jointing process.



Product Code Description
089-000337 Hydraulic positioning kit 400mm
604-000010 Reducing shell set 400-355mm (per end)
604-000011 Reducing shell set 400-315mm (per end)
089-000338 Hydraulic positioning kit 500mm
604-000012 Reducing shell set 500-450mm (per end)
604-000013 Reducing shell set 500-400mm (per end)
089-000339 Hydraulic positioning kit 630mm
604-000014 Reducing shell set 630-560mm (per end)
604-000015 Reducing shell set 630-500mm (per end)
089-000340 Hydraulic positioning kit 710mm