Portable Saddle Clamp Tester

Hy-Ram developed portable Calibration / Test Unit for ensuring that Top Loading Pillar Clamps and Strap Type Clamps for Electrofusing Tapping Tees are applying the correct load in compliance with the relevant Gas Industry Specification (GIS). Saddle Clamps are extensively used in both the Gas and Water industry in order to ensure the optimum interface force between the Electrofusion fitting (tapping, branch and purge saddle) and the pipe.

Common types of Saddle Clamps include the Pillar Clamp and the Strap Type Clamp. Both designs include a ‘load cell’ which should deliver the optimum interface force (1.4 – 1.5 KN), once the unit is adjusted in accordance with the instructions. (Normally the indicator pin becoming ‘flush’ with the top surface of the hand-wheel). In time, the spring within this ‘load cell’ can weaken and in line with manufacturers recommendations clamps should be recalibrated.

Being battery operated for ‘field’ use, the Hy-Ram Portable Saddle Clamp Tester is supplied in a bespoke plastic carry-case and can be used to recalibrate any manufacture of Clamp.

Product Code Description
189-000019 Portable Saddle Clamp tester
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