Arctic Polar® Freezing Kits

The Polar® Freezing system is used in conjunction with a disposable canister of high performance freezing spray.

The kits are packed in convenient carrying cases and incorporate gas canisters and jackets for double freezes. An easy to use weighing scale is included to ensure optimum gas usage.

All kits come complete with:

• Brass regulator valve
• A pair of hoses (to connect the freezing jackets to the regulator valve)
• Weighing scale (for dosing freezing spray)
• T-connector (for double freezes)
• Comprehensive yet simple instructions
Arctic Polar Kits

Arctic Polar Kits
Product Code Description Pair 8-15mm Jackets Pair 15-22mm Jackets Pair 28-35mm Jackets Pair 35-42mm Jackets Pair 42-61mm Jackets Spray Canisters
159-000002 Polar Professional Y Y 1
159-000001 Polar Commercial Y Y Y 1
159-000003 Polar Commercial Plus Y Y Y 2
159-000007 Polar Industrial Y Y Y Y Y 2

The Porter 4 (part 159-000012) allows four canisters of Polar® Spray to be safely stored and transported, ensuring you are always prepared for unexpected freeze-downs.

Safety note…

PPE including Protective gloves (904-000018) and eyewear should always be worn when handling dry ice to prevent the possibility of frost bite or ?cold burns? arising when dry ice is in contact with the skin.

artic freeze kit

artic polar
Product Code Description
A 045-000062 Polar Canisters 700g
B 182-000003 Polar Freeze Jacket 8-15mm (Yellow)
C 182-000002 Polar Freeze Jacket 15-22mm (Green)
D 182-000007 Polar Freeze Jacket 28-35mm (Red)
E 182-000010 Polar Freeze Jacket 42mm (White)
F 182-000011 Polar Freezing Jacket 54 & 61mm (Black)
G 021-000002 Polar Dosing Scale
H 310-000048 Polar T-Piece
I 379-000050 Polar Valve
J 643-000169 Polar 1m Nylon Tube