Gas Bags

Gas Bags

Kitemarked & WASK approved E4 Gas Bags

Sarco Stopper is the only manufacturer of Gas Bag Stoppers made to UK GIS/E4:2006 that are tested and approved by both WASK for use in their Teeset equipment and also by BSI to Kitemark product quality standards and fully acceptable to all gas company requirements.

The Sarco Resistra™ Self Centring E4 Gas Bag Stopper in sizes from 50mm up to 300mm and larger sizes on request are suitable for use in pressurised Gas Mains in Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Steel and Polyethylene (PE) pipes operating at 75mbar pressure in the UK (higher pressure options are also available).

Sarco Stopper has manufactured these safety critical products in the UK for more than 40 years and has a world wide reputation for high quality stoppers. The Resistra E4 Gas Bag has an outer cover in High Visibility Yellow Nylon with a specially formulated PU coating to ensure easy deployment and maximum wear resistance. The inner bladder being made of pure quality Latex and the Resistra semi rigid spine curvature ensuring simple deployment, uniform bag inflation and self centring feature. The key bag neck joint with 1\2? UNF female connector is produced using computer assisted techniques ensuring a constant level of high quality joint.

All bags carry the Kitemark & WASK approval markings and are leak tested prior to despatch. Packed in standard sized packs of 10 in clear protective polythene, a comprehensive information and instruction card is also enclosed to assist safe working and best operating practice.


Gas Bags
Product Code Description
001-000001 Gas Bag 2″
001-000002 Gas Bag 3″
001-000003 Gas Bag 4″
001-000004 Gas Bag 5″
001-000005 Gas Bag 6″
001-000006 Gas Bag 7″
001-000007 Gas Bag 8″
001-000009 Gas Bag 9″
001-000010 Gas Bag 10″
001-000011 Gas Bag 12″
001-000015 Gas Bag 14″
001-000018 Gas Bag 15″
001-000016 Gas Bag 16″
001-000019 Gas Bag 17″
001-000020 Gas Bag 18″
001-000021 Gas Bag 20″
001-000022 Gas Bag 21″
001-000023 Gas Bag 22″
001-000024 Gas Bag 24″
001-000025 Gas Bag 30″