Hydrant Wizard

The Hydrant Wizard has been designed to enable defective fire hydrants to be exchanged – ‘underpressure’.

Previous practices for exchanging a hydrant involved shutting down the main either by closing valves or using traditional line-stopping techniques. However, valves could often be some distance away so that supplies to customers would be interrupted.

In addition, both these methods of shutting down and restoring supply could disturb sediment in the main leading to complaints regarding water quality.


Hydrant Wizard
Hydrant Wizard
Hydrant Wizard – Key Features & benefits…

• During development of Aquastop, a need for stopping off of hydrants was also identified. This also required developing a stopper bag jointly with Sarco Stopper resulting in the Sarco Mini Hydro® Bag
• Only the Hydrant is isolated; the flow in the main is not interrupted
• Supply and water quality are unaffected and sediment in the main is not disturbed
• Excavation is restricted to the area around the hydrant minimising the cost of labour and materials
• The small diameter access hole does not compromise the integrity of the pipe The only consumables are the Sarco Mini Hydro® Bag and the Mini Golf Saddle which remains on the hydrant leg
• Easy to transport in small vehicle
• Prep tool enables easy access for the Sarco Mini Hydro® Bag regardless of tuberculation
• The equipment is compact and lightweight and suitable for confined areas
• Sarco Mini Hydro® Bags are inflated utilising the water pressure from the main. No additional power source is required for operation of the unit. The danger of over or under inflating the bags is eliminated
• Equipment is easily sterilised before each use and is made from non-corroding materials

Hydrant Wizard – Principals of use…

• Mini Golf Saddle applied to up-stand, main drilled
• Isolation Blade inserted into saddle and plug removed
• Use Hydro 90 WRAS approved silcone lubricant spray on the Mini Golf isolation blade and later on the Sarco Mini Hydro® Bag
• Hydrant Wizard attached to saddle
• Isolation Blade removed and prep tool inserted into main if required
• Sarco Mini Hydro® Bag inserted into main, hoses attached to pressurisation cylinder
• Pressurisation units charged with water taken from main
• Replacement of hydrant can now be carried out
• Deflate and retrieve Sarco Mini Hydro® Bag, install spade
• Replace plug and check for leaks!

Product Code Description
WASKAC0304 4″ Hydrant Wizard Kit Complete
WASKDY0319 4″ Conversion Kit
WASKJC0406 Lubricant Spray
117-000162 35mm Holesaw (NOT MODIFIED) – MKI HW
117-000267 35mm Holesaw (MODIFIED) – MKII HW
117-000173 38mm Holesaw (MODIFIED) – MKII HW
117-000268 35mm Carbide Holesaw (NOT MODIFIED) – MKI HW
117-000269 35mm Carbide Holesaw (MODIFIED) – MKII HW
117-000210 38mm Carbide Holesaw (MODIFIED) – MKII HW
WASKAC0286 Spatula Blade
WASKAC0285 3″ Hydra Bag to Suit Hydrant Wizard
WASKAB0050 Golf Saddle With 80mm Strap
WASKMHB4S 4″ Hydra Bag to Suit Hydrant Wizard
WASKFMST04 Golf Saddle With 100mm Strap