Jet Freezer Portable Pipe Freezing Equipment

Jet Freezer
Jetfreezer reduces downtime and cost by eliminating the need to drain down pipe work before maintaining, repairing or extending a system.

Utilising the intensely cold properties of solid carbon dioxide, Jetfreezer rapidly and economically creates a positive ice plug in the required work area.

Natural convection melts the ice plug restoring supply in minutes when the work is complete.Benefits…

• Fast – freezes water in a 15mm diameter copper pipe in 3 1/2 minutes
• Reliable – ice plugs last up to 45 minutes
• Rapid – freezes copper pipes twice as fast as leading aerosol products
• Effective – can be used in restricted areas
• Versatile – will freeze both metal and plastic pipes from 15mm to 100mm diameter containing water, heavy fuel oils, alcohol solutions and many other liquids
• Economic – a 6.35Kg CO2 cylinder will supply enough CO2 for up to 17 freezes on 15mm pipe
• Mobile – requires no external power supply
• Available – from stock at Hy-Ram

Jet Freezer
Jetfreezer is available in a range of competitively priced kits to meet the needs of all users.

80mm and 100mm Freezes can be achieved using Professional kit and using an extra 2.4m High Pressure hose (359-000112) and Tee Piece (301-000048) and choice of bag (Either 43-80mm or 81mm-100mm)

Product Code Description 8-15mm 16-22mm 23-42mm
159-000008 Jetfreezer Mini Y
159-000009 Jetfreezer Senior Y Y
159-000010 Jetfreezer Senior Plus Y Y
159-000004 Jetfreezer Professional Y Y Y
159-000011 Jetfreezer Professional Plus Y Y Y