Test Standpipes (Cowhorns)

Mains test Cowhorns for pressure testing Gas pipelines in accordance with NGT GIS specification GIS/TE/P6.3:2007.

The 2 part manifold comprises a cowhorn standpipe (supplied in 3 different pressure ratings, colour coded for ease of identification), and a common base (common to all 3 types).

The cowhorn facilitates quick and safely controlled pressurising via a ludecke type coupler and diaphragm valve and is also fitted with a pressure gauge and safety pressure relief valve.

On completion of pressurising, the cowhorn can be removed to allow connection of a pressure gauge for longer duration testing, fitted via a pushfit quick release coupling.

Type Colour Gauge Relief Valve Setting
Low pressure Orange 63mm x 0-1 bar/0-15 psi 0.385 bar
Medium pressure Blue 63mm x 0-4 bar/0-60 psi 3.3 bar
High pressure Red 63mm x 0-10 bar/0-160 psi 7.7 bar
Common Base Yellow N/A N/A

Test certificates and tagging can be supplied where requested.

Product Code Description
643-000064 LP Mains Test Standpipe C/W Common Base
643-000062 MP Mains Test Standpipe C/W Common Base
643-000077 HP Mains Test Standpipe C/W Common Base
643-000091 Common Base Only
379-000039 LP replacement PRV
379-000042 MP replacement PRV
379-000045 HP replacement PRV
161-000097 LP replacement Gauge
161-000098 MP replacement gauge
161-000135 HP replacement gauge