Purge Ejectors

The new Mini Purge Ejector is designed as an alternative to the large purge ejectors which have been in use since the mid 1980s. It works on the same Venturi principle but is lighter and easier to handle.

Designed for use on mains from 3″ to 12″ in diameter, the Mini Purge Ejector ensures a fast, clinical and effective purge on gas pipes to be abandoned.

The Mini Purge Ejector is attached to one end of the isolated main and the vent is opened at the other end to draw in air.

Compressed air is introduced into the Mini Purge Ejector which creates a vacuum. This has the effect of withdrawing the gas from the main; the purged gas and air are expelled into the atmosphere.

Product Code Description
359-000200 Purge Ejector
359-000202 Extension Tube (Vent Stack)