Serviflex System

Serviflex System
Main Features The Serviflex® system is a versatile, safe and efficient gas service pipe replacement system.

It is capable of relining aged metallic pipework that contains short radius bends (elbows) from the meter position, inside the property, to a convenient external location.

Insertion is achieved by use of a dual wall, gas grade, polyethylene (PE) flexible liner. Installation of the liner is achieved by the use of specifically designed tooling that enables the liner to be temporarily stiffened during the insertion process.

This is achieved without compromise to the long term strength of the pipe or flow capacity.

• Approved to UK gas industry standards for use up to 75mbar
• Used for relining 1″ metallic pipes
• Maximum insertion length 16.5m
• Avoids the costs associated with gas meter re-runs
• Can significantly reduce excavation, reinstatement and associated activities
• Maximises capacity throughput around short radius bends
• Can significantly reduce the cost of pipe replacement on registered/listed buildings
• Reduces the time consumers are without gas
• Reduces operational cost

Serviflex System