Searcher Bars

Searcher Bars
Used for detecting gas leaks, the spike creates a hole in soil, asphalt or concrete, allowing a gas detection probe to then be inserted (not included).

The spike is driven into the ground by a “pile driver” action, the top closure plug hits the boss head of the spike and drives it into the ground.

The Impact Searcher Bar handle is insulated by means of a 1/4″(6mm) thick rubber covering, bonded onto the tube. The rubber covering, as well as its insulation properties, ensures a comfortable non-slip grip for the operator and cushions the blow.

The flange acts as a hand guard and a flash guard and also protects the barrel of the handle from damage when laid on the ground.

Type A1 – Reversible Impact Searcher Bar

The reversible impact searcher bar is specifically designed to provide two different spike lengths without the need for separate interchangeable spikes.

Product Code Description
161-000118 8”/15” Reversible Impact Searcher Bar

Searcher Bars

Types A2-A8 – Non-Reversible Impact Searcher Bars

The range of non-reversible impact searcher bars is perfect for when one fixed ground depth is required. Spikes of various lengths cater for ground depths between 8″ (205mm) and 59″ (1.5m).

Product Code Description
161-000162 8” (205mm) Non Reversible Impact Searcher Bar
161-000163 15” (380mm) Non Reversible Impact Searcher Bar
161-000164 18” (455mm) Non Reversible Impact Searcher Bar
161-000165 20” (510mm) Non Reversible Impact Searcher Bar
161-000166 30” (760mm) Non Reversible Impact Searcher Bar
161-000167 39” (1000mm) Non Reversible Impact Searcher Bar
161-000168 59” (1500mm) Non Reversible Impact Searcher Bar

Non-Impact Searcher Bar

The non-impact searcher bar is designed for use in small spaces such as ditches where the ground is reasonably soft. Therefore, it is recommended the probe is pushed into the ground by hand only. The non-impact searcher bar can be used both horizontally and vertically where operating space is limited. The fixed spike can be made to a custom length to suit different requirements.

Product Code Description
161-000083 H1 Non Impact Searcher Bar