The safest, non-aggressive and non-invasive way to remove material from unknown utilities, obstructions and tree roots.

The air-ex is an inherently safe system for exposing buried utilities and tree roots providing a quick and clean method of material removal from these awkward and sensitive areas.


The high speed (up to 1500mph) column of air agitates and displaces porous and semi porous ground conditions whilst leaving non-porous objects unaffected (e.g. utilities, services and tree root systems).




Example Areas of Use:
• Investigation
• Inspection
• Decompaction
• Excavation
• Daylighting
• Trial Holes

• Rapid Decompaction
• Non-Invasive
• No Risk of Strike
• Light Weight
• Low Fatigue
• Multi-Purpose


The air-ex is the industry leading tool for ground decompaction and clearance of soil from underground assets.Air excavation is a wide spread method of work, proven to massively reduce strikes, with the air being unable to penetrate/damage non-porous materials.

Our VULCANEX Nozzles, with non-sparking heads, concentrate the airflow into a high velocity stream that has a functional cutting depth of 100mm. In excess of 100mm the airflow dissipates, allowing the air-ex to be used in other ways, such as soil invigoration and radial trenching.Unlike other air excavators, the air-ex is made from high density polyethylene (PEHD), which is known for its strength to density ratio, resulting in an extremely durable tool that weighs less than 3kg.

Further benefits of using PEHD are its intrinsic non-conductive properties, which have been independently tested to 75kV and its high tensile strength, which is superior to other materials such as fiberglass (GRP).With the welfare of the operator in mind, the air-ex has the following innovations:

Easy Squeeze Trigger – The actuator valve requires minimal force to engage, reducing hand and forearm fatigue and the risk of any repetitive strain related disorders.

Adjustable Second Handle – The height and pitch can be decided by the operator, so as to reduce physical effort and also increases their control.

Thermo Handle Wrap – Often air compressors have faulty or no after-cooler. If this is the case, the heat transfer into the air excavator handle can render the tool unusable.

Our tool is the only one to offer an easily attachable heat insulated cover.

The air-ex can be built to customer requirements, allowing the user to have a tool that is fit for purpose and fit for person.