Impact Soil Tester

Impact Soil Tester
4.5 Kg Clegg Impact Soil Testers:-

‘Classic’ CIST/882 Models & Data logging CIST/883 

For accurate Compaction Control Testing During Trench Reinstatement. The 4.5Kg Clegg Impact Soil Tester types CIST/882 and CIST/883 provide an easy means for measuring soil compaction and strength during trench re-instatement.

The ‘Classic’ CIST/882 model shown on the left has a detachable readout unit that the user holds in one hand. The 4.5 Kg hammer is dropped 5 times at each location and the results used to establish the in-situ soil stiffness.

The data logging CIST/883 model shown below provides time & date data logging of up to 10,000 x 5-drop tests. Data download to PC is by Bluetooth. The data then opens immediately into standard MS Excel™ spreadsheets. During testing the Clegg readout unit is clamped to the guide tube so the user doesn’t have to hold the readout whilst testing, making it easy to use.

Described in the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB) the Tester provides a compact instrument for monitoring the quality of reinstatements in-situ while work proceeds, avoiding the need for later re-excavation.

Impact Soil Tester
Product Code Description
905-000021 4.5kg Model 882 Clegg Impact Soil Tester
905-000022 4.5kg Model 883 Clegg Impact Soil Tester
905-000065 4.5kg Model 884 Clegg Impact Soil Tester
045-000217 Wooden Box to Suit