Pressure Gauges

Pressure Gauges
We have a large range of gauges available for different applications and pressure range requirements.

Listed below is only a small sample of what we offer, we can provide gauges to suit all applications: dry, glycerine filled, bourdon etc. Certificates are available on request at point of order.

Many other size, pressure and thread combinations are available.

We will need to know:
• Face size/scale required
• Pressure rating
• Size of connection (Usually BSP or Push fits)
• Dry or Glycerine filled
• Position of connection (Bottom, top, rear)
• Rubber cover required?

Pressure Gauges
Product Code Description
161-000069 Replacement Gauge to suit Rothenberger P50 pump
161-000097 Low Pressure Cowhorn replacement Gauge – Dry
161-000098 Medium Pressure Cowhorn replacement gauge – Dry
161-000135 High Pressure Cowhorn replacement gauge – Dry
161-000123 50mm Dia. G/F Gauge 1/4” Bttm Conn.0-15psi (Suit WASK Teeset)
161-000143 Pressure Guage Test Cert