Pipe & Cable Detection/Avoidance

Cable Detection & Avoidance
Detect more, faster, smarter, safer

Hy-Ram are an official agent for supply of Radiodetection equipment.

Cable Avoidance ToolsThe C.A.T (Cable Avoidance Tool) can detect signals naturally radiating from metallic services or the Genny can be used to apply a distinctive signal that the C.A.T can detect.

The C.A.T and Genny has become the industry standard pipe and cable avoidance tool, recognised as the leader providing performance, ruggedness and reliability, together with affordability and low cost of ownership.

StrikeAlert™ Option

Key features
o Precision locate
o Optimised locate
o Avoidance Scan
o Strike Alert
o Data download

Product Benefits
o Enhanced signal processing providing the C.A.T4 with ability to reject
unwanted signals.
o Cutting edge technology ensures fastest possible processing of data.
o Real sound
o Optional Strike alert
o Avoidance scan



C.A.T4 and Genny4 are compatible with all C.A.T3 and Genny3 accessories.

Product Code Description
C.A.T4 Cable Avoidance Tool
10/CAT4EN09 C.A.T4 English labels, 50Hz power frequency
10/CAT4EN29 C.A.T4 English, 50Hz, StrikeAlert ™
C.A.T4+™ with depth estimation
10/CAT4+EN11 C.A.T4+ English, 50Hz, Metric Depth
10/CAT4+EN31 C.A.T4+ English, 50Hz, Metric Depth, StrikeAlert
eC.A.T4™ with data logging
10/ECAT4EN39 eC.A.T4 English, 50Hz, Datalogging
10/ECAT4EN69 eC.A.T4 English, 50Hz, Datalogging, CALSafe™
10/ECAT4EN59 eC.A.T4 English, 50Hz, Datalogging, StrikeAlert
10/ECAT4EN89 eC.A.T4 English, 50Hz, Datalogging, StrikeAlert, CALSafe
eC.A.T4+™ with depth estimation and data logging
10/ECAT4+EN41 eC.A.T4+ English, 50Hz, Metric Depth, Data Logging
10/ECAT4+EN71 eC.A.T4+ English, 50Hz, Metric Depth, Data Logging, CALSafe
10/ECAT4+EN61 eC.A.T4+ English, 50Hz, Metric Depth, Data Logging, StrikeAlert
10/ECAT4+EN91 eC.A.T4+ English, 50Hz, Metric Depth, Data Logging, StrikeAlert, CALSafe
Genny4 Signal Generator
10/GENNY4EN GENNY4™ with English labels includes direct connection leads and earth stake
CD 97/CATMANAGER CAT Manager™ support software
118-000022 Property Connection Set
118-000023 Signal Clamp