Volt Sticks

Volt Sticks
The original and still the best, Volt Stick is an instant tester for safely checking the presence of an AC voltage, without making any disconnections in cables, wall sockets, fuses, circuit breakers, junction boxes, etc. No current flow is needed for correct operation.The red indicator in the tip will illuminate on detection of AC voltage simply by applying the tip close to any connection point, or moving it along any insulated cable.

This high sensitivity version (testing down to 50v) is also intrinsically safe, making it an essential ‘life-saver’ testing tool for utilities engineers as well as for use in hazardous areas such as chemical plants, oil refineries and off shore rigs.


• EEx approved voltage indicator for use in explosive environments
• Voltage indicator with safety handguard to avoid unintentional contact with live conductors
• Voltage range 50-1000v AC


Volt Sticks
Product Code Description
747-000001 ATEX AC voltage Stick LV50
Voltage Range 50~1000V for IN02470
Sensitivity Indicator will illuminate at 4mm distance of a 2.5mm conductor carrying 50v
Response Time Immediate
Intrinsically Safe Yes
Power Requirements 2x Standard AAA alkaline batteries (supplied)
Relative Humidity 80% @ 30°C, 50% @ 40°C
Overvoltage CAT III 1000v AC