SOU400 – ‘Controlled Release’ Hydraulic Squeeze Off Unit

Pipe range: 250-400mm Diameter, PE100, 7 Bar

At the request of Transco (British Gas), Hy-Ram has developed a ‘special’ Squeeze Off unit for use on PE100 / SDR11 pipe at pressures up to 7 bar.

Designed specifically for this application, the ‘controlled release’ technique showed benefits over conventional squeeze off in terms of reducing the risk of pipe damage, specifically crack propagation on release of squeeze.

Tests were carried out by Transco up to 315mm diameter, however the unit has been designed to enable 400mm pipe to be installed.

The Unit is supplied with an electrically driven Hydraulic Power Unit.

The unique design is similar in principle to the SOU400. The pair of hydraulic cylinders are detachable and can be used on each of the four Squeeze points.

The Bottom Squeeze beam is fitted with ‘Pipe Stops’ to suit the diameter and wall thickness (SDR) of the pipe to be squeezed.

SOU Controlled Release
Pipe Stops – A set consists of 8 x Stops, each Stop is unique for a fixed Diameter / SDR combination. Stops can be custom made for any specified pipe. Codes as follows are for individual stops (other sizes available on request):

Pipe OD SDR 11 SDR 17.6 SDR 21* SDR 26*
250 Stop Set 716-000039 716-000038 716-000076 n/a
280 Stop Set n/a n/a n/a 716-000166
315 Stop Set 716-000041 716-000040 716-000075 716-000069
355 Stop Set 716-000043 716-000042 716-000074 n/a
400 Stop Set 716-000045 716-000044 716-000073 n/a


Product Code Description
089-000159 SOU400 Hydraulic Squeeze Off Tool Slow Release

Specification: Designed in accordance to GIS/PL2 -7 2006: Part 7 – Squeeze Off Equipment

Hydraulic Cylinders: 47kg
Top Beam: 57.5kg
Bottom Beam: 58.5kg
Air Operated Power Unit & Controller: 143.5kg

Note: 32Cs Hydraulic Oil to be used (46Cs in temperatures of +40c)