SOU400 – Hydraulic Squeeze Off Unit 250-400mm

The principle is the same as that of the SOU250… the squeeze is carried out, the Top and Bottom beams are then mechanically locked together and then the hydraulic cylinders are ‘unclipped’ and used in conjunction with a second beam set.

Using this concept all four squeeze points are accomplished using just one pair of hydraulic cylinders.The Bottom Squeeze beam is fitted with ‘Pipe Stops’. These Pipe stops form a positive ‘stop’ between the Top and Bottom beams and hence optimise the squeeze gap in order to ensure the pipe is not over-squeezed.

Pipe Stops A set consists of 8 x Stops. Each Stop is unique for a fixed Diameter / SDR combination. Stops can be custom made for any specified pipe.

Pipe OD SDR 11 SDR 17.6 SDR 21* SDR 26*
250 716-000006 n/a 716-000121 716-000120
268 n/a n/a n/a 716-000165
280 716-000081 716-000082 716-000123 716-000122
315 716-000002 716-000007 716-000125 716-000124
355 716-000003 716-000005 716-000127 716-000126
400 716-000001 716-000004 716-000129 716-000128

*Please note these sizes are for use with Mk1A Squeeze Off Units issued with Red Guide Tubes (as pictured). Please contact our technical department for further information.

Product Code Description
089-000073 SOU 400 Auto Hydraulic Squeeze Off Tool
Kit includes:
Quantity Description
2 Hydraulic Cylinders
4 Top Beam Assembly
4 Bottom Beam Assembly
1 Power Unit (pneumatic input/hydraulic output)

Weights / Dimensions:
Power Unit: 610 x 480 x 340mm. Weight 39Kg

Hydraulic cylinder: O/L (Closed) 940mm, O/L (Open) 1390mm. Weight 23Kg. Ea.
Top/Bottom Beam Combined: 1040 x 150 x 530mm.
Top Beam: 41Kg.
Bottom Beam: 46Kg.
Top/Bottom Beam Profile: 40mm Radius

(Note! All dimensions and weights are approximate)


Squeeze Off  Stops are required in order to optimise the amount of compression (squeeze) of pipe wall. Squeeze off stops limit the amount of compression of the pipe wall to prevent damage to the pipe whilst ensuring that the optimum compression rate is achieved to limit the flow. Stops are available in sets of 8 (2 per Beam x 4 Beam Sets) in differing Diameter/SDR combinations. I.e. 315/11, 315/17.6, 400/17.6 and so on.


 The Hy-Ram SOU400 Squeeze Off Unit complies with British Gas Engineering Standard PS/PL2: Part 7.
Final squeeze gap is not less than 90% of twice the minimum specified wall thickness.