SOU500 – Hydraulic Squeeze Off Unit 315-500mm

The SOU500 features a detachable Top beam with integrated hydraulic cylinders, an intermediate beam and a Bottom beam.

As with other Hy-Ram designs, the squeeze off is carried out, the intermediate and Bottom beams are mechanically locked together and then the Top beam complete with the cylinders can be detached for use on the second, third and fourth squeeze points.

The unit can be specified with a choice of Power Unit options to suit individual requirements.

‘Pipe Stops’ to suit the diameter and wall thickness (SDR) of the pipe to be squeezed are assembled onto the guide rods upon initial assembly to form the positive ‘stop’ between the beams and set the squeeze gap.




Product Code Description
089-000148 SOU 500 Hydraulic Squeeze Off Tool
Pipe Stops – SOU500. A set consists of 8 x Stops. Each Stop is unique for a fixed Diameter / SDR combination. Stops can be custom made for any specified pipe. Codes as follows are for individual stops (other sizes available on request):
Pipe OD SDR 11 SDR 17.6 SDR 21 SDR 26
315mm 716-000119 716-000118 716-000117 716-000116
355mm 716-000115 716-000114 716-000113 716-000112
400mm 716-000111 716-000110 716-000109 716-000108
450mm 716-000107 716-000106 716-000105 716-000104
469mm 716-000103 716-000102 716-000101 716-000100
500mm 716-000099 716-000030 716-000078 716-000096