WACHS Cutter



Secured by its tensioning chain, the Trav-L-Cutter can be mounted on horizontal or vertical pipe and even used under water. To ensure accurate cuts the Trav-L-Cutters’ self-propelled chain drive system maintains continuous out-of-round compensation while providing positive drive under all conditions.

• Available in both Hydraulic (HE Model) or Pneumatic (E Model) power options
• Low-profile design needs only 10″ to 12″ of clearance
• Can be used in explosive conditions
• High-speed milling cutters remove approximately 5mm of metal while cutting, leaving the pipe end with a machined finish
• Any type of weld prep detail can be achieved from a common 30° or 37.5° bevel to multiple-angle J bevels, with counter bore and taper
• Use of the accessory Guide Track and special wheels allows cutting with machine-shop accuracy even in zero-visibility situations

WACHS Cutter
WACHS Cutter