Guillotine Cutters


Virax Guillotine

Hy-Ram is a UK agent for the Virax range and the ‘exclusive’ UK agent for the Wheeler-Rex range of Pipe Cutting equipment including Guillotine Cutters. Both Guillotines quickly and accurately cut medium and high density PE pipe and have been chosen for their robust, durable design. The Guillotines achieve a straight, square cut with minimal blade wear. Blades are easy to sharpen or replace.

• Practical, fast opening
• Maximum wall thickness 18mm
• Ground Stainless Steel Blade
• Square drive 14 mm (models 125 and 225) or 17 mm (model 315) across flats.

A wrench or extension can be used for cutting pipes in deep trenches. Releasing the catch on the hinged lower V-shaped jaw allows the cutter to be positioned anywhere along the pipe.

Product code Pipe size max. OD mm Max Depth of Cut Weight Spare Blade Product Code
117-000081 125 VIRAX Guillotine Cutter 7.5kg 041-000023
117-000030 225 VIRAX Guillotine Cutter 17kg 041-000015
117-000071 315 VIRAX Guillotine Cutter 68kg 041-000021

Guillotine Cutters

Wheeler Guillotine

Guillotine Style Pipe Cutter Features:

• Designed to cut medium and high density PE
• Removable T handle to expose a 1″ Hex nut which can be ratchet driven (not supplied as standard)
• Teflon%reg; coated steel cutter blade creates outstanding ease of cutting and corrosion protection
• Wide saddle side-swing opening design simplifies positioning at any point on pipe
• Wide saddle base provides sturdy, positive pipe support
• Stainless steel fasteners and hardware
• Structural members produced from aircraft-grade aluminium
• Dry-lube coated drive screw

Product code Pipe size max. OD mm Max Depth of Cut Weight Spare Blade Product Code
WHE802 125 WHEELER-REX Guillotine Cutter 8kg WHE701149
WHE1692 225 WHEELER-REX Guillotine Cutter 18kg WHE700868
WHE1892 360 WHEELER-REX Guillotine Cutter 33kg WHE701073

Power Enabled Wheeler Guillotine

A unique approach to cutting large diameter medium and high-density polyethylene pipes. Can be used with a low speed power drive (300?500 RPM maximum), that delivers power to the blade through a right angle worm drive. Power cutting at 300 RPM gives better cuts and longer blade life due to reduced flexing. Maximum cutting capacity of 13.2″ (335mm) O.D. (DOES NOT INCLUDE POWER DRIVE)

Product code Pipe size max. OD mm Max Depth of Cut Weight Spare Blade Product Code
WHE1890 335 WHEELER-REX Guillotine Cutter 36kg WHE701073

Wheeler Blade Sharpener

Facilitates the sharpening of secateur blades, knives and many other types of blade


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