George Fischer – WAGA

The WAGA-system has been produced in the Netherlands since 1957. WAGA® is an abbreviation of water and gas, but more than anything else WAGA® means ‘problem solver’.The WAGA-system of Georg Fischer has already proven itself under most extreme circumstances, thanks to quality and innovation. All systems are designed and tested for new pipelines, repairs, extensions and renovation and a life time of 50 years.WAGA products provide a solution for coupling, repairing or drilling all pipes, regardless of material, or diameter.

WAGA products are used all over the world, in under and above ground pipelines, for distribution systems and industrial applications for fluids and gases, but also for shipbuilding, general piping systems and special applications.GF WAGA have strived to be the technological market leader developing hi-tech and sophisticated, yet simple quality products with technical added value.

This has resulted in two world ‘firsts’…
• The worlds first wide-range coupling, the MULTI/JOINT® 2000
• The worlds first end-load resistant wide-range coupling, the MULTI/JOINT® 3000

GF is considered to be a pioneer, as well as one of the best known producers, utilising the most advanced technology in the world.

Hy-Ram is proud to be amongst GF’s global network of distributors. We offer large stocks and competent customer support from our regional depot locations.

For specific part numbers and fitting information or to request a George Fischer WAGA Brochure please discuss your needs with our Sales Team.

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George Fischer - WAGA

George Fischer - WAGA

MULTI/JOINT® 3000 Plus (DN150 – DN300) Series

The MULTI/JOINT® 3000 Plus Series… Wide Range Couplings, Reducers, Flange adaptors, Spigots and End caps… with restraint – Uni/Fiksers. Designed to cover the pipe range 154 ? 356mm diameter. The complete range (DN50 ? DN300) will be completed at the start of 2011.

Multi/Saddles Plus Range

The Multi/Saddle Plus is a wide-range tapping saddle, suitable for making house connections to new and existing water and gas lines.The Multi/Saddle Plus is designed with one standard saddle head and a strap to cover the complete range of pipes with outside diameters from 60 – 355 mm.

MULTI/JOINT 3000 Series

Overcoming any pipe connection problem in water and gas systems.Saving precious installation time and costs for thrust blocks, reducing stocks and increasing the quality of the connection and the reliability of your system.

MULTI/JOINT® 3000 Series for pipe sizes from 46mm up to and including 356mm.


Overcoming any pipe connection problem in water and gas systems. Reducing stocks and increasing the quality of the connection and the reliability of your system.MULTI/JOINT® XL Series for pipe sizes from DN300 up to and including DN600.

Plast/Joint Series

With Plast/Joint® we offer an easy to install, high quality, restraint, mechanical connection for jointing various plastic pipes.Connecting plastic pipes has never been so easy and quick, thanks to the one bolt system of Plast/Joint®.

Also, the clamp ring is loose, meaning that before tightening the bolt, the clamp ring can be turned in any desired orientation for optimum bolt access.

The Plast/Joint® is an alternative to electrofusion or butt fusion when welding is not possible due to site conditions or wet areas.