Hi-Flow Drilling Saddles

The System

The Hy-Ram ’Hi-Flow’ System consists of a Drilling Saddle, Flanged Riser Tube and the LR67 Drilling Machine. The system allows underpressure installation of fire hydrants onto existing mains, avoiding shutdown and subsequent recharging. It is also an ideal method of installing Flushing Points adjacent to ‘normally kept shut’ boundary valves.

The system enables holes up to 67mm diameter to be cut into pressurised water mains, giving excellent flow rate characteristics. The versatility of the system will allow for other applications in the water network.

The Benefits

  • Underpressure installation with no shut down
  • Excellent flow rate characteristics
  • Robust pipe clamp gives a rigid base for mounting accessories
  • Supports the pipe material in the area of the drilled hole
  • Simple and quick to install
  • Substantial cost savings
  • Suits CI, DI, PVC and certain AC pipes up to 12″/DN300

Application / Specification

  • Designed for all potable water and wastewater applications up to a working pressure of 16 bar
  • All materials and coatings are WRAS approved

The Identified Uses

  • Underpressure installation of a fire hydrant
  • Underpressure installation of an ’OXO’ type flushing point either side of a boundary valve. (In the case of both the above applications, it makes future changing of the hydrant achievable without the need to shut down)
  • Taking samples from the top of the pipe wall (67mm coupon).
  • Forming a by-pass for the installation of a PRV or water meter
  • Underpressure access into the main, for example leak detection (Hydra phone) insertion point CCTV insertion point, Probe insertion point, Flow meter, Chlorination point, Temperature monitor point, Chemical analysis point, Correlator point
Hi-Flow Drilling Saddles

New… Series III – with 80mm clear bore…

With the advent of ‘through bore’ fire hydrants, Hy-Ram introduce the NEW Hi-Flow Drilling Saddle for pipe sizes 3”NB to 12”NB complete with PN16 – 80mm flanged outlet and 80mm clear bore.

Following the initial concept of simplicity and ‘one fitting does all’ the Hi-Flow remains a single fitting. There is no need for doubling up or using two fittings… adding in an extra flanged joint and greater potential for leaks…

Key benefits of the NEW Series III…

  • Clear 80mm vertical bore
  • ‘Solid’ Under-Clamp ensuring good connection to the main
  • The Hi-Flow bolts directly to the main and offers a low ‘stack height’
  • No retraining is required for the Series III… the installation method and drilling equipment remains the same
  • Existing Drilling Equipment can be used with no modifications
  • Pressure rating 16 bar, WRAS approved components and coating

Top & Bottom Sampling of the Pipe Wall

By accessing the pipe just from the top, but taking samples from both
top and bottom whilst the pipe is underpressure.

The Benefits
This unique system enables a coupon to be taken from both the top and bottom of the pipe via two passes of the drilling spindle. Analysis of the coupons enables decisions to be made regarding whether the pipe has been previously lined and gives an indication of the condition, hence rehabilitation programs can be planned.Normally the pipe would have to be shutdown and drained and a section cut out.

The cost savings are substantial!

Product Code Description
080-000245 80mm / 3″ Hi Flow Drilling Saddle
080-000246 100mm / 4″ Hi Flow Drilling Saddle
080-000247 125mm / 5″ Hi Flow Drilling Saddle
080-000248 150mm / 6″ Hi Flow Drilling Saddle
080-000249 175mm / 7″ Hi Flow Drilling Saddle
080-000250 200mm / 8″ Hi Flow Drilling Saddle
080-000251 225mm / 9″ Hi Flow Drilling Saddle
080-000252 250mm / 10″ Hi Flow Drilling Saddle
080-000253 300mm / 12″ Hi Flow Drilling Saddle
080-000259 PVC – 80mm / 3″ Hi Flow Drilling Saddle
080-000260 PVC – 100mm / 4″ Hi Flow Drilling Saddle
080-000261 PVC – 125mm / 5″ Hi Flow Drilling Saddle
080-000262 PVC – 150mm / 6″ Hi Flow Drilling Saddle
080-000263 PVC – 175mm / 7″ Hi Flow Drilling Saddle
080-000264 PVC – 200mm / 8″ Hi Flow Drilling Saddle
080-000265 PVC – 225mm / 9″ Hi Flow Drilling Saddle
080-000266 PVC – 250mm / 10″ Hi Flow Drilling Saddle
080-000267 PVC – 300mm / 12″ Hi Flow Drilling Saddle
080-000108 110mm Hi-Flow Drilling Saddle
080-000109 160mm Hi-Flow Drilling Saddle
645-000243 Valve Plate
603-000003 Lever