The design philosophy is that ‘one key fits all’ – therefore it will ‘fit’ all known valve and hydrant spindle shapes and sizes and cater for broken or missing stem caps. It can also be used on irregular shapes such as stop tap handles… even if they are damaged or incomplete!The aluminium key is commonly used on hydrants and the steel key is used on all other valves.Used in conjunction with the shaft extensions the user is also equipped to operate ‘deeper’ valves whilst reducing the risk of physical strain injuries.

Key features:
• One size fits all design
• Robust construction, welded and powder coated
• Available individually or as a kit
• Integral ‘Tee’ Handle with ‘Chisel’ end
• Shaft extensions available
• Suitable for gas and water


The Hy-Ram Universal Valve Key Kit fits all known valve spindles and stem caps and therefore mitigates the need for operators to transport and carry a multitude of ‘dedicated’ Valve Keys of differing shapes and sizes.

The UniKey is manufactured in two sizes: a ‘Small’ Key designed around Water Valves on pipes up to 12″ (300mm) diameter and Fire Hydrants and a ‘Large’ Key for use on valves above 12″ diameter.

The Kit also comes complete with two shaft extensions: 450mm and 750mm long. These can be secured to the top of the Valve Key Shaft; particularly useful when encountering ‘deep’ valves where no traditional extension spindle has been fitted. The ‘Tee’ Handle has a handy chisel end for prising open access covers.

The UniKey with integrated ‘Tee’ Handle is available in the following formats…



Product Code Description
270-000139 Hy-Ram Steel Unikey Kit c/w Large (95 dia.) and Small (80 dia.) Keys, 2x Tee Bar, 2x Shaft Extensions and Steel Box
270-000141 Hy-Ram Steel UniKey Large (95 dia.) c/w integral Tee Bar
270-000142 Hy-Ram Steel UniKey Small (80 dia.) c/w integral Tee Bar
270-000147 Hy-Ram Aluminium Shaft Unikey Small (80 dia.) c/w integral Tee Bar
270-000237 Hy-Ram Steel Unikey Mini (60 dia.) c/w integral Tee Bar

UniKey Accessories

Product Code Description
270-000143 12″ UniKey Extension
270-000144 24″ UniKey Extension
520-000083 UniKey Lock Pin


Product Code Description
270-000239 Hy-Ram Steel UniAdaptor Small (80 dia.)
270-000238 Hy-Ram Steel UniAdaptor Mini (60 dia.)