UIS Power Push

63-180mm & 200-400mm Pipe Pushers

A new method of inserting Gas / Water Polyethylene Pipe and cables in existing metallic pipe and ducts. The UIS Power Push™ is an excavator attachment that allows for a faster, more economic, safe and more compliant way to insert polyethylene pipe and cable. 

Key benefits…

• Simple installation and mounting of attachment
• Can be utilised to align pipe / cable in preparation for connections
• Can be utilised to re-round pipe to correct ovality and imperfections of pipe / cable
• Durable, robust and made to withstand harsh environments and conditions
• Rapid set up – 2 minutes to start any operation
• No ‘relaxation’ period required before joining pipe
• No hazardous winching operations
• Faster and more convenient way of dead / live insertion
• Long sections can be inserted in one operation
• Avoids the risk of stretching and exceeding the tensile loading of P.E. pipe
• Correction / re-rounding of pipe prior to entry in carrier pipe
• No need for winches / cobra or addition towing to site
• Action can be reversed to pull pipe back if an obstruction is met
• Shim inserts are manufactured and fitted to accommodate different pipe diameters:
Small Model – 63mm > 180mm
Large Model – 200mm > 400mm
• Standard excavator and hydraulic pipe mounting (suitable with most modern manufacturers)
• Simple to operate – no special labour required
• Insertion can take place with only one excavation open
• Lightweight and compact design for ease of storage

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