Towing Socks

Towing Socks
Towing Socks/Pulling Stockings/Cable Grips can be either single or double eye, depending on the available anchor points. They work on the principle ‘the harder the pull, the tighter the grip’. Towing Socks
Size Range (O.D.) Single Eye Type Double Eye Type Weave Actual Break Tons
10-13mm 077-000125 077-000133 Single 0.75T
13-19mm 077-000126 077-000134 Single 1.0T
19-25mm 077-000127 077-000135 Single 2.5T
25-38mm 077-000128 077-000136 Single 3.5T
38-50mm 077-000129 077-000137 Double 5.0T
50-63mm 077-000130 077-000138 Double 5.0T
63-89mm 077-000131 077-000139 Double 6.0T
89-115mm 077-000132 077-000140 Double 7.0T