Hy-Ram Junior J2

Facilitates underpressure drilling on service type fittings, especially useful where service connections are made through saddles straps, clamps and welded nipples where inserting directly into the main is not possible. Robust, compact machine – making use of the tried and tested bridle and feedscrew design. Comes complete with strong carrying case and the option of various adaptors to suit connection for different applications.

Hy-Ram Junior J2
J2 Gas Drilling Machine

This kit is as per the standard J2 except the two adaptors (1 1/2″ BSP & 2 1/2″ BSP, items J & K) are not included in the kit and the body of the drill has a 2″ BSPT thread to fit onto gas connections.

Description Application Cutter Sizes Body Adaptors
Hy-Ram J2 Underpressure Drilling Machine Drilling through larger Saddle Straps, Saddle Clamps, Ferrule Straps and Welded Nipples, also compatible for use with various drilling saddles through a gate valve. 30mm & 38mm 1 1/2″, 2″ & 2 1/2″ BSP
130-000039 J2 Drilling Machine Kit
Kit includes:
J2 Drilling Machine
A 661-000050 Drill Spindle (38mm Holesaw)
B 711-000004 Ratchet Spanner
C 661-000051 Drill Spindle (30mm Holesaw)
D 711-000091 Box Spanner
E 094-000012 Anti Lock Collar (30mm Holesaw)
F 094-000013 Anti Lock Collar (38mm Holesaw)
G 300-000129 Cutter Adaptor
H 250-000032 5/8” UNF Nut
I 270-000053A 3mm Allen Key
J 300-000178 Adaptor 1 ½” – 2” BSP
K 300-000179 Adaptor 1 ½” – 2 ½” BSP
L 130-000161 6mm Pilot Drill – (30mm)
M 130-000160 6mm Pilot Drill – (38mm)
N 045-000057 Tool Box


Product Code Description
130-000178 Junior J2 Drilling Machine c/w 2″ BSPT Body Only for Gas

Cutters & Accessories:

Product Code Description
117-000020 Holesaw Cutter 24mm (3/4″ BSP)
117-000021 Holesaw Cutter 30mm (1″BSP)
117-000173 Holesaw Cutter 38mm (1¼” BSP)
130-000161 6mm Pilot Drill – (30mm)
130-000160 6mm Pilot Drill – (38mm)
661-000045 2″ Extension Spindle
661-000046 3″ Extension Spindle
661-000047 4″ Extension Spindle