Hy-Ram Junior J3

Underpressure Drilling Machine designed specifically for drilling through Hy-Ram and Erhard type service saddles with 1 1/2″ BSP outlet port. The brief was for a robust, reliable, UK quality drilling machine that could stand up to the rigours of field use. The design incorporates bridle and feedscrew design – drive is via a standard 19mm ratchet spanner. Hy-Ram Junior J3
Description Application Cutter Sizes Body Adaptors
Hy-Ram J3 Underpressure Drilling Machine Drilling through service saddles 38mm 1 1/2″ BSP
130-000127 J3 Drilling Machine
Kit includes:
A J3 Drilling Machine
B 661-000048 Drill Spindle
C 711-000091 Box Spanner
D 270-000053 Allen Key
E 300-000129 Cutter Adaptor
F 130-000160 Pilot Drill
G 711-000004 Ratchet Spanner
H 045-000057 Tool Box

Cutters & Accessories:

Product Code Description
117-000173 Holesaw Cutter 38mm (1¼” BSP)
661-000045 2″ Extension Spindle
661-000046 3″ Extension Spindle
661-000047 4″ Extension Spindle