Hy-Ram LR67

Underpressure Drilling Machine designed specifically for drilling through the Hy-Ram Hi-Flow Drilling Saddle.Drills up to 67mm diameter with cutters available for CI, DI, A/C, steel, PE and PVC pipes.

The design incorporates an 80mm flange for connecting directly onto the Hi-Flow saddle.

Maximum working pressure 16bar.

A pneumatic drive is also available.

Description Application Cutter Sizes Flange Sizes
Hy-Ram LR67 Drilling Machine Water Pipes – Through 80mm flange. Designed specifically for use with the Hy-Ram Hi-Flow 57mm & 67mm 80mm
Product Code Description
130-000111 LR67 Drilling Machine Kit
Kit includes:
A LR67 Drilling Machine
B 661-000038 Drill Spindle
C 300-000169 Cutter Adapter 4″-12″ (requires centralising disc)
D 300-000168 Cutter Adapter 3″ (requires centralising disc)
E 175-000021 Anti Seize Ring
F 130-000112 12mm Pilot Drill (std)
G 270-000054 5mm Allen Key
H 270-000053 3mm Allen Key
I 711-000039 13mm Open Ended Spanner
J 711-000035 36mm Open Ended Spanner
K 711-000004 Ratchet Spanner
L 045-000100 Strong Tool Box

Holesaw Cutters & Pilot Drills

Product Code Description
117-000025 67mm Standard Hole saw
117-000039 57mm Standard Hole saw
117-000113 67mm Carbide Hole saw
117-000093 57mm Carbide Hole saw
130-000112 12mm Pilot Drill (Std.)
130-000121 12mmPilot Drill (Carbide tipped.)
130-000185 Coupon Retaining Pilot Drill
300-000134 Cutter Adaptor (Coupon Retaining only)

Pneumatic Air Wrench

Product Code Description
711-000024 Pneumatic Air Wrench (Torque 60)
300-000072 Air Wrench Adaptor
LR67LUBRICATOR 3/4″ Air Line Lubricator c/w 3/4″ x 1/2″ Reducing Bush P/N LS816500 c/w 1 x Ludeke Claw fitting P/N CCM-34
LR67AIRLINE 1/2″ L18508 Air Line 3m Long

Bottom Sampling Setup (for use on Bottom Sampling Hiflows 6″ and under):

Product Code Description
117-000098 46mm H’Saw Cutter Std. (3″ Botm Sampling only)
117-000096 46mm H’Saw Cutter Carbide. (3″ Botm Sampling only)
130-000175 10mm Std Pilot Drill
130-000187 Coupon Retaining Pilot Drill (Bottom Sampling)
661-000049 Extended Spindle LR67 (Botm Sampling)
053-000011 Extended Bridle LR67 (Botm Sampling)
400-000057 Extended Feedscrew LR67 (Botm Sampling) including rotating centre assembly

Hy-Ram LR67