Peart 150 Branch Drilling Machine

Pneumatically powered ‘heavyweight’ Underpressure Drilling Machine for live ‘break-ins’ up to 8″ (200mm) on Gas, Water and Chemical lines of any diameter.

The machine is operated through a gate valve and utilises different machine adaptors to suit the valve/size of branch connection.

Maximum working pressure 16bar.Supplied in a strong wooden transportation/storage box with required tools and accessories.

• Simple to operate
• Robust construction
• Hand, air or hydraulic operation
• Depth indicator scale
• For cast iron, ductile iron and steel pipes

Peart 150 Branch Drilling Machine
Product Code Description
130-000098 Peart150 Drilling Machine in strong wooden box
613-000023 Air Motor Set – In Strong Wooden Box, inc Drive

Machine Adaptors for the Peart150 – one needed for each size of cutter:
Product Code Description
PEART225-5535500 Machine Adaptor for 50mm NP16, ASA150, Table D/E
PEART225-5535550 Machine Adaptor for 80mm NP16, ASA150, Table D/E
PEART225-5535600 Machine Adaptor for 100mm NP16, ASA150,Table D/E
PEART225-5535650 Machine Adaptor for 150mm NP16, ASA150, Table D/E
PEART225-5538200 Machine Adaptor Body 200mm
PEART225-5538150 Adaptor for 200mm Shell Cutter
PEART225-5538600 Loose Flange – 200mm NP16

Genuine Peart Shell Cutters Available:
Product Code Description
PEART225-5535050 Genuine Peart 50mm Shell Cutter
PEART225-5535100 Genuine Peart 80mm Shell Cutter
PEART225-5535150 Genuine Peart 100mm Shell Cutter
PEART225-5535200 Genuine Peart 150mm Shell Cutter
PEART225-5538050 Genuine Peart 200mm Shell Cutter

Spare Teeth for Genuine Cutters up to 200mm:
Product Code Description No. Required for 80-150mm Cutter No. Required for 200mm Cutter
PEART225-5535250 Spare Tooth (wide) 2 4
PEART225-5535300 Spare Tooth (narrow) 2 4
PEART225-5535350 Tooth Setting Gauge

Alternative Cutters up to 150mm to suit the Peart150. There are no spare teeth available for the alternative cutters, however a resharpening service is available:
Product Code Description
130-000057 Alternative 50mm Shell Cutter to suit Peart150
130-000117 Alternative 80mm Shell Cutter to suit Peart150
130-000126 Alternative 100mm Shell Cutter to suit Peart150
130-000118 Alternative 150mm Shell Cutter to suit Peart150

Pilot Drills for the Peart150
Product Code Description
130-000041 Pilot Drill for 80-150mm
130-000042 Pilot Drill for 200mm