Lifting Keys

Heavy Duty Lifting Keys

Forged Steel Lid Lifters

A range of high quality, durable and painted Lid Lifters.

Product Code Description
270-000018 6″ T Handle Lifting Key (pair)
270-000116 9” T Handle L Duty Lifting Key -Painted Black
270-000111 12″ Tee Handle Heavy duty, Chisel end
270-000046 12″ Triangle Handle 1/2″ Light Duty (pair)
270-000023 12″ Triangle Handle 5/8″ Heavy Duty (pair)
270-000024 18″ Triangle Handle 1/2″ Light Duty (pair)
270-000049 18″ Triangle Handle 5/8″ Heavy Duty (pair)
270-000074 Pair of 18” Tee Handle Lifting Keys, H/Duty 40×15 T Ended
270-000078 24″ Triangle/Tee Handle 5/8″ Heavy Duty (pair)
270-000048 24″ H/Duty THandle Lifting Key
270-000123 18″ T Handle Light Duty (Pair)
270-000115 Stopcock/Meter box Lid Todging Bar

Lifting Keys

4 Way Manhole Lifter

Strong & lightweight, provides a simple means of removing most types of cover. Unit comprises four different key heads designed to locate into most keyholes.

Product Code Description
270-000167 4 way manhole lifter

Heavy Duty Lifting Keys

Handylift Wheeler

The Handylift Wheeler is a low cost, manually operated lifter.

The Wheeler is primarily designed for 600 x 600mm sewer covers, and has one tonne of breakout force.

Model name: Handylift Wheeler
SWL (tonnes): 1.0
Weight (kilos): 25
Maximum keyspan (mm): 670 x 670 

Product Code Description
270-000151 Handylift Wheeler

Handylift Swinger

The super small Handylift Swinger is a new concept in lifters. It will fit in almost any car boot and weighs only 17kg – It develops 1 tonne of lift – and it can tackle stuck covers with ease.

Model name: Handylift Swinger unit is primarily designed for 600 x 600mm clear opening 2-keyhole sewer covers, and comes with a pair of lifting keys
SWL (tonnes): 1.0
Weight (kilos): 17
Maximum keyspan (mm): 670 x 670

Model name:
 Handylift Swinger XL is simply a larger version of the standard unit and tackles 870 x 870mm covers

SWL (tonnes): 1.0
Weight (kilos): 19
Maximum keyspan (mm): 870 x 870

Product Code Description
270-000152 Handylift Swinger
270-000153 Handylift Swinger XL


Handylift Hydraulic

The Handylift Hydraulic is the best selling lifter on the market. It’s light and easy to use; with a breakout force of 1.5 tonnes it will enable anyone to lift stuck covers without effort.

The Handylift Hydraulic lifter is a versatile unit, capable of lifting all types of covers with the relevant keys and accessories.

This machine can be carried completely assembled in a van or large car boot. It can also be disassembled easily in 15 seconds to fit in smaller spaces.

The Handylift Hydraulic comes in two sizes:

The basic Handylift Hydraulic will lift covers up to 900mm x 900mm keyspan, and with the right array of keys can tackle 2-keyhole covers, double-triangle covers, and 4-keyhole covers.

The Handylift Texas Hydraulic is a larger version of the standard unit and can lift covers up to 1200mm x 1200mm keyspan as standard.

Model name: Handylift Hydraulic
SWL (tonnes): 1.5 
Weight (kilos): 25 fully assembled
Maximum keyspan (mm): 900 x 900 

Model name: Handylift Texas Hydraulic
SWL (tonnes): 1.5 
Weight (kilos): 30 fully assembled
Maximum keyspan (mm): 1200 x 1200 as standard; even larger sizes available

Please note the handylift units do not come with spreader bars or keys as standard 

Product Code Description
270-000156 Handylift Hydraulic
270-000157 Handylift Texas Hydraulic

Keys for all Spreader Bars

Product Code Description Detail
A 270-000159 35x8mm Standard Key Commonly seen in 4 keyhole covers
B 270-000160 25x8mm Key For covers with slightly narrower holes
C 270-000161 Loop Key Used for lifting gulleys or grates

Ring Top Keys

These keys are used for lifting single-piece covers with two keyholes, and interface with the HANDYLIFT HYDRAULIC and HANDYLIFT WHEELER.

There are five different types, and each type comes in ‘P’ and ‘R’ variants, the difference being the position of the lug in relation to the ring Parallel or Right angle.

Unless all your covers have the keyholes oriented in exactly the same way, it is usually safest to purchase both the ‘P’ and ‘R’ variants.

Ringtop keys are sold in pairs.

Product Code Description
270-000162 TYPE 1 Common sewer cover key with 25mm long lug (Pair)
270-000163 TYPE 2 Common sewer cover key with 35mm long lug (Pair)
270-000164 TYPE 4 Long-stemmed key for use in recessed covers (Pair)
270-000165 TYPE 5 Thicker key for covers with wider slots (Pair)
270-000166 TYPE HDH Hook key for grates (Pair)

Spreader Bars for 4 Keyhole Covers

These bars are sold in pairs and interface with the HANDYLIFT HYDRAULIC to lift covers with 4 keyholes.

There are numerous types of keys available that are all interchangeable, and each pair of Spreader Bars comes complete with a set of four keys of your choice.

See below for key selection.

Product Code Description
023-000230 Spreader Bar up to 900mm Key Span
023-000231 Spreader Bar up to 1100mm Key Span
023-000232 Spreader Bar up to 1200mm Key Span

Swivel-Ring Locker Spreader for Double Triangle Covers

This useful accessory locks and lifts both halves of a double-triangle cover as one, thus avoiding the problem of jamming.

Useable with the HANDYLIFT HYDRAULIC & WHEELER (due to the nature of its design the SWINGER can lift these covers without the need for a Swivel-ring).

Key centres are adjustable between 150mm & 400mm (Note: Comes complete with two 35 x 8mm keys which are not interchangeable)

Product Code Description
023-000233 Swivel Ring Locker spreader