Other Tools

Rubber Bung

Product Code Description
656-000115 1/2″ Square Drive x 1/2″ Rubber Bung
656-000116 1/2″ Square Drive x 3/4″ Rubber Bung

General Water Tooling

Quick Release Couplings (Wee Cock)

• Quick release couplings
• Commonly known as a series 21 fitting
• Used widely on logging equipment and gauges 

Product Code Description
379-000048 Wee Cocks 1/8” Bsp Male Nickel Plated Couplings
379-000049 Wee Cocks 1/4” Bsp Male Nickel Plated Couplings

PTFE Water Tape

12mm x 12m Roll WRC approved PTFE Tape.

Product Code Description
729-000002 WRAS approved PFFE tape

Silicone Grease

WRAS approved, water repellent and non melting.

Product Code Description
605-000017 Silicone Grease 500g Tub

Professional Silicon Spray

WRAS Approved. Multi Purpose for use in anti-stick applications.

Product Code Description