Meter Keys

Stop Tap Keys
For use in either removing & installing water meters or the associated plugs.

Five Head Meter Removal Kit
Facilitates removal of meters from chambers.

Kit contains:

• 1x 1/2″ Square Drive Tee Key
• 1x Type 1 Meter Removal Head
• 1x Type 2(S) Actaris (Schlumberger) Removal Head
• 1x Type 3 Kent Removal Head
• 1x Type 4 Kent No 4 Removal Head
• 1x Type 5 Kent Removal Head

Product Code Description
A 270-000146 Five Head Meter Removal Kit
B 270-000103 Universal Meter Removal Key c/w 4ft Tee Bar (Strap Key)
C 270-000129 Meter Removal Strap (strap only)
D 270-000114 B/ Box Cap Removal Key Dbl Ended (27mm & 30mm)

Meter Keys