Manufacturing & Design

Innovation, product development and manufacturing expertise all under one roof

With over 45 years of experience, we proudly continue to manage the end to end process of product development and manufacturing all in house.

With robust communication with the commercial team and product end users, our design and specialist engineering team provide full capability for new product innovation. With a dedicated research and development cell, within our manufacturing department, we can be dynamic and in control of the entire project.

Key factors


Consult with relevant stakeholders to understand the scope. A vital stage to any product innovation!


With vast experience in materials and metallurgy, our experts can ensure that our products are manufactured with efficiency, durability and are always compliant to the relevant standards.


Utilising the latest in technology, design software and prototyping techniques such as 3D printing, we are able to meet stringent timescales and budgetary requirements.


An important consideration is working to applicable standards including: ISO, GIS, WIS, DIN and many more. Our design and manufacturing is fully accredited to ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Why is in house design and development so important?

Our belief is that by having full product development capabilities in house, we are truly in control of the final product including key aspects, such as: quality, functionality, durability, testing and value.
Should applicable standards or market requirements alter, then via our structured procedures we can promptly make relevant adjustments to product design, complete our testing procedures and re-launch an updated product.
Should you have a particular industry challenge, we are specialists in listening, understanding and producing a solution!

Why is it so important for Hy-Ram to manufacture products itself?

Throughout our long history, we have proudly retained our in house manufacturing facility, at our head office in Nottinghamshire. Embracing new technology and manufacturing techniques, we are constantly evolving our capabilities and product range, allowing us to provide market leading solutions.
With our differing routes to market and unique insight as an equipment provider via sales, hire and repair, we have a significant advantage in terms of gaining direct knowledge and feedback of all aspects of our products. This is utilised to further enhance our product development in terms of quality, reliability and availability.

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