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Ancillary Equipment

Welding Shelter

A complete range of flame retardant tents and shelters used for both Butt and Electrofusion welding to keep contaminants such as rain, pollen, dust and any other floating debris, away from the welding area.

Pipe Rollers

Various sizes of pipe rollers are available to suit differing polyethylene pipe diameters and site conditions.


The PowerStation is suitable for most applications such as Electrofusion, Butt Fusion, Lights, Pumps… even powering your site kettle.

Spill Kits

Emergency response maintenance spill kits enabling you to handle and clean up non-corrosive liquids, hydrocarbons, solvents and other aqueous and organic liquids.


Designed with the water and gas industries in mind, a range of TIN12 specification generators suitable for use with Butt Fusion machines and Electrofusion boxes is available.

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Hy-Ram has the full range of ancillary equipment needed to accompany piping operations on site. Our ancillary equipment is available for Sale & Hire; Hy-Ram offer generators, pipe rollers, shelters and more. Contact us today for no obligation help and advice for your ancillary equipment requirements.

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